About Eagles View

Why EAGLES View, Inc.?

New strategies are needed. Residential care options for adult with developmental disabilities are sorely lacking. Additionally, awareness and knowledge of “best practices” are lacking. Yet, harmful and even deadly decisions are made and actions taken based on inadequate knowledge.

Community Empowerment & Action Are the Key

“It Takes a Village”
Children & adults with developmental/intellectual disabilities, and cognitive/behavioral challenges are the most vulnerable group in our society. EAGLES View, Inc. is passionate about working to empower parents, individuals, and concerned citizens to advocate & protect the most vulnerable among us.

“Diamonds in the rough” perish because of widespread lack of vision and knowledge. *Proverbs 29:18; Hosea 4:6 Community Empowerment & Action Are the Keys.



Sammy, as countless other individuals, who do not readily fit the round pegs that society designates as normalcy, had great potential. He loved to work and serve others. He completed work with great pride.

Sammy’s family was compelled to develop a new model of Empowerment for adults who have intellectual or cognitive challenges, a model that differed in terms of underlying philosophy of equal worth of all individuals. Such a model must give individuals, families, and communities the ability to protect while unearthing and illuminating these “diamonds in the rough.”

The valiant fight continues…Sammy, along with others in heaven are inspiring and cheering on the DEVELOPMENT AND LAUNCHING OF EAGLES VIEW, INC. so that numerous exceptional individuals will SOAR!!!